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Book 11
The Reporter

The Reporter is a story about survival in times of upheaval.

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I can't broadcast a summary of the actual story at the moment, it's still under wraps. What I can do though, is talk a bit about the theme and why I had a particular story in mind.


The book takes on the complex subject of climate change. I set out to write about this in a way that is all about survival.  It's not about belittling the science or the vastness of the problem or indeed the complexity of the issues but it is about handing the challenge to a group of ordinary people. These ordinary people are the characters in the book. Ok, I say to my characters, do something with this. As such the story becomes, I hope, more accessible to more people. 


I have been involved in hill farming and horses for much of my life, I think and write in the language of my 'community' and I will always be happier living and working outdoors. The voices of outdoor people are less often heard in debates about the future and yet if you mapped their knowledge of place, every different fold and variation across every land, you would be in awe of the richness of that human understanding 

and how it has always been fundamental to human survival.


The book takes a rapidly growing viewpoint that a storm is coming ... or maybe it's already here ... and in a climate changing world you need a plan for survival.

Despite a deep divide of opinions and priorities in this story, there are characters who take forward a positive vision for the future. I hope they are characters that readers will recognise as authentic and will want to accompany as they face up to climate change and plan for their survival.

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