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Release: Summer 2024



"The stranger was wearing trainers and shorts, even though there was still a frost on the ground outside. A dog followed him into the pub, so close to him that her shoulder brushed his leg. It was a blue merle, a handsome dog with prick ears. In the dim light of the bar, the stranger nodded to them, then picked up a menu.

“That lad runs all across the moor,” muttered an older man wrapped in thick jackets to a younger man. 

The younger one forked steak pie into his mouth. 

  “Seen him before,” he replied."

The story is set in a fictional market town on the edge of Dartmoor.

It is the near future. Abel Richards is the new reporter for the Mid Devon Post. He grew up on a sheep station in the Australian outback and is of indigenous lineage.  When Abel is assigned a story about a hill farming woman who has disappeared, he finds himself caught up in a struggle that he recognises ... the struggle between those people who invest their lives in a place and those who chase big money.

R.Francis, author.


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