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About Rachel

My motherʼs grandma was gypsy and my fatherʼs family were blacksmiths and I grew up in a farming community.  I learned the lie of the land from the back of a horse. 


My first memory is of dad taking me out in the woods to listen to the nightingale. We started to go to the Scottish Highlands on family holidays when I was seven. We saw golden eagle and red deer, learned to row an old boat, lived in a fisherman’s caravan on the edge of a loch, cooked on a campfire.

I also rode horses from a young age and my first job was taking out treks on Dartmoor. I spent some time travelling with new age horse gypsies in Ireland, then returned home to marry a hill farmer on the edge of Dartmoor and raise a family.

In 2010 I re-trained as a copywriter with Since then, I’ve subbed for Greenpeace “Connect” magazine; managed the launch of a new walking trail across Wales and written the commercial copy for the launch of a hydrogen fuel cell car.


I have witnessed our collective difficulties in addressing climate change over the past twenty years.  We talk about our fears and the science, but rarely of our hopes and dreams. I think we need to find ways to express transformation in art and story, to create the support structure for the practical and cultural and systemic changes that are needed for the future.

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