The Long Acre

Rachel Francis


When his favourite horse is killed in an accident, Moss Trant swears he'll never ride again. The family consider closing the trekking business run by Moss and his father, but the income is keeping the farm going. 

That spring, Betsy Rose swings into the yard at Long Acre Farm to work with the horses.  Nobody at the pub thinks the girl will stick Moss Trant's old job for long, especially when she starts dating Brett Lynch.

And then Lynch Property come after the family farm ... just like they once came after the gypsy horseman, Pad Flynn ... and Betsy finds herself caught up in the age-old battle for land. 



Cover photo, Hollie Cornelius. 'Bringing the cattle back off the moor.'

Cover Design by Touchdown in the Brecon Beacons.

Proofread by Terry Hegarty in the Scottish islands.

Music for video by The Wild Turkey Brothers ...

Written in Lillias' loft, looking out across Dartmoor.

Published by Slantwise.

The Long Acre is delivered in *Plastic Free* recycled packaging from the Green Stationery Co in Bath. Gift wrapped option available.

Thank you also Sue Palmer and Ian Marchant.

Stephen Clarke, for looking after the files for copyright purposes.

Gwen the dog.

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