"I finished The Long Acre at 3.30 a.m. on Saturday morning; not many books can keep me reading that late"



Book 1 - The Long Acre.

When his favourite horse dies in a tragic accident, Moss Trant swears he'll never ride again. The family consider closing the trekking business run by Moss and his father, but the income is keeping the farm going. 

That spring, Betsy Rose swings into the yard at Long Acre Farm to work with the horses.  Nobody at the pub thinks the girl will stick Moss Trant's old job for long, especially when she starts dating Brett Lynch.

And then Lynch Property come after the family farm ... just like they once came after the gypsy horseman, Pad Flynn ... and Betsy finds herself caught up in the age-old battle for land. 



I've been working on the second book since January and I'm increasingly excited about  the storyline. There are two new characters and some old favourites and those who have read The Long Acre will already feel at home ... but this one is for the future. 

There is no correct place to stand in these debateable lands. There is only your place, chosen because you have considered others and settled on one.

François Matarasso