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Support for Alzheimer's


I’m primary carer for my mum who has Alzheimer’s and my escape is writing fiction.

My mum was born in 1934 and spent her early years in Delabole. Mum was clever and on finishing school, she got a place at Manchester University, studying English Literature. 


My dad loved the great outdoors. He loved sports, he loved farming and wildlife conservation, he loved singing.

Dad was diagnosed with a form of dementia 15 years ago. Mum looked after him for many years, but he became very difficult, and mum had a tough time. 6 years ago, we realised that mum was struggling, so I arranged for dad to go into care and mum came to live with me.

My dad passed away in 2021.


By then, mum had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s too!

Because of her lively intelligence, mum was able to hide her illness for a long time but for those who knew her well, we saw a woman struggling to keep a hold on things. I already knew how tough it was going to be and that mum’s condition would deteriorate over time.  I knew that the cost was going to be challenging and not just in terms of money. I admit that I struggle with mum’s illness and I’m a long way from being the perfect carer that you are supposed to be. 


What helps most is community. There are so many ways people in our little town help, from stopping to chat to mum, to bringing her home when she gets lost. Once the postman came back specially to tell me she was headed out of town , folk at church look after her on Sunday mornings, my best friend sends her home-made marmalade, my cousin has her for holidays and wherever she goes, people smile and say hello. 


When Arkbound set up a crowdfunding platform for my new novel  LINK HERE  we agreed that a percentage of the larger donations should go to the Alzheimer’s Society.

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