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By Rachel Francis

Review by Rob Christie

It's not often that I start reading a book and find myself unable to stop until I reach the end.
Rachel paints here on the same rural and small town canvas as in her first book, The Long Acre. There are some familiar characters and some new arrivals, but there is a broader moral and political brush: the future of farming, of rural communities, of humanity in general, against the power of Big Money and the underlying threat of climate change. The tale is told, as always, with the author's quiet but distinctive voice and gentle sense of humour.  I loved it, of course.

Rob lives in a small Welsh town, between the Radnor Hills and the Brecon Beacons. He is a member of Shakespeare Link at the Willow Globe and the author of "Spinner", Merlinsbury", and "Sybil Aquarius".

Review by Lillias Guyon

I began yesterday, finished today. It draws you in... the place around you being so central, along with mystery and

characters. Place is something important to the fabric of all our lives, how are we to manage it? I did just need to jump into and be surrounded with what would happen.

There is a timelessness about the story... someone has trainers on, just when sometimes you are nearly lulled into thinking bygone times. 

I was particularly excited to read  the foxes brief take over of the narrative .

Lillias lives in a village on the edge of Dartmoor. She is an artist and owner/creator at The Country Child's Company, producing hand painted lamp shades and special gifts for children.

THE REPORTER is set on Dartmoor, but it could be anywhere in the world ... the places where we live, the places that we love.

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